a SCARAB FILMS production

When fear meets ignorance, hatred is born.

Set in a quasi dystopian present, HYSTERIA is a thriller about a Muslim family trying to escape a country where a racist government incites neighbour against neighbour as all resident Muslims are targeted in a sweeping RID (Registration, Isolation, and Detainment) Program.

A feature film


Amani Ibrahim


Aria Singh


Tony Ali


Joey Nijem


Hana Kashaf


Shaun Benson




REEM MORSI before becoming a writer/director, worked in human rights at the United Nations and many other international organizations in both peace and war zones.

Morsi’s film credits include THEIR FEAST (2012 TIFF, BBC, Cine-Sud); NOSTALGIA (2015 VIWIFF); THE DOOR (2016 Whistler Film Festival) which won Best Drama Yorkton Film Festival, Audience Choice Award and Best Screenplay, WIFT Showcase; SHOW & TELL (2016) won the WIFT/BravoFact pitch competition and Golden Sheaf Awards for Best Director, Best Short Subject and Best Emerging Director (2017 Yorkton Film Festival).

She is an alumna of the Berlinale Talent Lab (2012, 2018), the TIFF Talent Lab (2016), Women In the Director’s Chair (WIDC) Story & Leadership (2014-15) and Canadian Film Centre (CFC) Director’s Lab (2015). She is the 2018 WIDC nominee to Telefilm Canada Talent to Watch program which provided initial production funding for HYSTERIA.



HYSTERIA was selected by Telefilm Canada as part of their 2020 FIRST LOOK initiative. Writer/Director REEM MORSI was sent to both New York and Los Angeles to present the film. HYSTERIA was selected amongst 10  feature films to represent Canadian talent to American sales agents, distributors, agents and festival programmers during an on-invitation screening in each city. 


CMPA selected HYSTERIA and sent writer/director REEM MORSI to attend the 2020 edition of the Berlinale Film Festival. She attended the European Film Market as a part of their emerging producer mission.  Only fifteen CMPA members were selected to represent Canada and build key relationships with potential international buyers, financiers, and co-production partners.