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Eleven soccer-loving children from 11 different countries are coming together for the first time, to prepare for the biggest game of their lives.   A match in an iconic stadium, in front of thousands of spectators!


Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast) 9.9M Instagram followers

Carli Lloyd (USA)

Nadia Nadim (Afghanistan)

ELEVEN uses the power of football to celebrate diversity and help children in need. How differently do we experience life at the transitional age of eleven? This is the story of eleven, eleven-year-old children from eleven different countries as they prepare for the game of their lives…

Does soccer truly have the power to unite the world? In 2013 an idea was born to answer this question. An experiment, to document within a year at the time, 11 elevenyear- old soccer-loving kids, from 11 different countries, and learn how their families, cultures and common passion shape their development. The 11 kids will then meet up in one place, where they will have a few days to evolve into something more than a soccer team and play an iconic match.


ELEVEN follows the stories of this diverse group of characters along with the people that conducted this experiment, in a 4-year journey (from the World Cup ‘14 in Brazil to the World Cup ‘18 in Russia) that comes to its climax on the 21st of April 2018 at the Stade de Genève, in front of 22.000 people (as part of the UEFA and UN event "Match for Solidarity" featuring soccer legends like Figo and Ronaldinho). Through their common training sessions and field trips, we witness them transforming from a group of 11 strangers into something more than a soccer team, in just a few days, and rediscover the power of play…


ELEVEN is an exploration of passion for soccer in its purest form, across all continents. We discover the everyday lives of our protagonists and look at all the aspects, from why a kid kicks a ball in the first place, to how soccer can alleviate trauma or be the only path for a bright future. We look at the benefits of diversity in both sport and society, as well as the power of being part of a team. In Geneva, we asked whether soccer could break down communication barriers between kids who are seemingly so different and help us rediscover the transformative power of play.

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