Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tomorrow's Power - wins in Australia

Thrilled to announce that TOMORROW'S POWER has been honoured in Australia at the Sydney World Film Festival for Best Documentary Feature Film.

TOMORROW’S POWER showcases three communities from Gaza, Colombia and Germany and their responses to the environmental and economical crises they face.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tomorrow's Power - a feature documentary

Thrilled to announce that TOMORROW'S POWER World Premiere scheduled for March 8, 2017 at the Cambodia International Film Festival

TOMORROW’S POWER showcases three communities from Gaza, Colombia and Germany and their responses to the environmental and economical crises they face.



Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Best Independent Film Producer Award

Thrilled to be awarded the distinction of the Best Independent Film Producer Canada for 2016.

The 2016 Entertainment Awards aim to reward the key players within the entertainment industry. In recent years the entertainment business has evolved, changing how the world conducts business alike across a variety of industry platforms.

Surges in demand for quality entertainment corporations has paved the way for creativity, efficiency and cost effectivity thus providing organisations with an invaluable reach to clients and customers in all stages of entertaining.

Our 2016 Entertainment Awards will highlight these key players, creative individuals and innovative firms who have provided the world with new, cutting-edge techniques. We will cast a centre stage spotlight on those, who through creative flare, commitment and hard work have developed and shared their ideas to fundamentally evolve the business world and the lives of consumers for years to come.



Horror Society

Videoage International

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gaza: Enduring The Siege

From the award winning producers of THE CARBON RUSH, Amy Miller and Byron A. Martin, an intricate examination of the life in Gaza.

GAZA: ENDURING THE SIEGE is an extraordinary journey of those who live behind the wall.

Filmmaker Amy Miller, Director of Photography Sylvester Guidi and sound recordist Kyle Stanfield received special UN Visas and permission from the Palestinian authorities to enter the hospitals, clinics, waste sites, power plant and water station in order to share with audiences what life is like currently in Gaza.

Filmed in 4K 16 x 9 color, 5.1 / Stereo - Arabic w/English subtitles  (30 min.)


Tomorrow's Power - a feature documentary

From the award winning producers of THE CARBON RUSH, Amy Miller and Byron A. Martin, a feature documentary filmed in Germany, Gaza and Colombia.

TOMORROW’S POWER showcases three communities from Gaza, Colombia and Germany and their responses to the environmental and economical crises they face.

Filmed in 4K HD, 16 x 9 color, 5.1/Stereo
English w/subtitles (German, Arabic, Spanish)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Byron A. Martin Article

Meet Toronto’s Film Producer, Byron A. Martin

 Excerpt from Streets N Beats article (January 11, 2016)

"What does X-Men, The Carbon Rush, and The Boondock Saints all have in common? The answer is Byron Martin, film producer extraordinaire whose projects also include The Chronicles of Riddick, Death Race (with Jason Statham), Resident Evil: Afterlife, and even two American Pie movies.

I met this mult-italented Canadian while in university when I was auditing a film class. We have similar spelling of last names, and I recall the professor kept mispronouncing my last name as Byron’s!

But his cool demeanor has always impressed me and I am feeling very fortunate to speak with him again as he is coming out of a year-long high.  His 30 episode series, BACKSTAGE, will be airing  on Family Channel and Disney this year.  And his incredible upcoming documentary, Tomorrow’s Power,  just finished filming in Germany.  The crew will be departing for Gaza for 3 more weeks of filming, followed by another shoot in Colombia, which will then complete the footage of this new feature.  Can we say, he is busy?"

For the full article, please use the link below.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Tricky Treat

Multi-award winning
 A TRICKY TREAT continues to travel the Festival world!

An Official Selection in four countries in October 2015 alone!
Sweden, USA, Mexico and Canada.

Directed by Canadian filmmaker Patricia Chica and written by Kamal John Iskander.


"The most deliciously vile of the blood bath comes from Patricia Chica".
- Heather Buckley

Great, twisted concept! Loved it!"
- Dave Alexander

"Welcome to the world of A Tricky Treat, an immensely satisfying three-minute short centered around one ill-fated man (Leonard Waldner) who not so willingly encounters a family who invites him into their ghoulishly sentimental Halloween tradition."

"A nasty little ditty that tends to shock, horrify, and make some even gag, but eventually ends on a creepy, funny note."

"Gorey, disturbing, and the payoff is perfect!"

"A Tricky Treat subverts suburbia better in three minutes than any hackneyed Tim Burton feature."

"A dainty little treat"

"It does more in the short time given it than some movies do in 90 minutes. It’s visceral, bloody, creepy and has a certain delicious ending that just freaked me out!"

"It's a fun watch, definitely not safe for work... a bloody reversal of a revered Halloween tradition you should avoid eating anything while watching lest you regurgitate it."

"Absolutely genius!"

"A fun, lighthearted and heavily-gored short...The gore is phenomenal and considering the short is only two minutes long this might have the highest ratio of gore to run time I’ve ever seen... And you’re gonna love the TWILIGHT ZONE-esque ending!!"

"You will never see Halloween the same again!"

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Serpent's Lullaby

Director Patricia Chica's SERPENT'S LULLABY continues to win awards at Festivals all over the world! 

Festival de Cannes – Cannes Court Metrage, France, May 2014 (Winner “Coup de Coeur”)
Fantasia International Film Festival, Montreal PQ, July 31, 2014
Rhode Island International Film Festival, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, August 5-10, 2014
Holly Shorts, Los Angeles, CA USA, August 2014
15th Festival du film Fantastique Quebecois, Vitesse Lumiere, September 11-14, 2014
Feratum FilmFest, Tlalpujahua, Mexico, October 2-5, 2014
5th Oaxaca FilmFest, Oaxaca, Mexico, October 4-11, 2014 (5 screenings)
Munich Underground Film Festival, Munich, Germany, December 2014
15th Annual Rhode Island International Horror Festival, Providence, RI, USA, October 20-26, 2014
6th Edition Festival du Film Fantastique de Rouen, Rouen, France, October 23-16, 2014
Blood In The Snow Film Festival, Toronto, ON, November 28, 2014 (Opening Night x2 Screenings)
            Festival Longue Vue sur le Court, Montreal, QC, November 28-30, 2014 (2 screenings)
El Cid Short Film Night, Los Angeles, CA, December 1st, 2014
Etheria Film Festival, Boston, MA, December 12-13, 2014

Little Terrors, Volume 33, Evil Incarnate, Rue Morgue Magazine & Unstable Ground, Toronto, ON, January 28, 2015
Women in Horror, Camp Hopatcong, New Jersey, USA, February 15, 2015
Magnolia Independent Film Festival, Starkville, Mississippi, USA, February 19-21, 2015 (Winner Best Short Film)
RadCon 6C – SF&F Convention, Pasco, WA, February 13, 2015
33rd Edition des Rendez-vous du Cinema Quebecois, Montreal, PQ, February 27, 2015
Lakeshorts International Film Festival, Toronto, ON May 1 & 2, 2015 (Winner Scotiabank Most Original Film)
Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, ON, June 19, 2015
Sasquan International Film Festival, The 2015 Worldcon, Spokane, WA, August 17-20, 2015
Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival, Richland WA, October 16-18, 2015
Cabriolet Film Festival, Beirut, Lebanon, May 29-31, 2015
Fantafestival, Rome, Italy June 22-29th

Backstage - Television Series


A television series by Fresh TV for DHX / Family Channel

30 episodes, 34 days, 1 gallery day, 2 units w/5 cameras, feeding 200 people/day - all in one location!  Who says you can't shoot 100+ pages a week?


PREMIERES Friday March 18 at 7pm et/pt

About the Show

Backstage follows a group of very talented teenagers as they sing, dance, and perform their way to the top at the famous Keaton School of the Arts! From the disappointments of failure, to the new friendships and crowning achievements, being a student at Keaton means you’re on the path to becoming a star!

A Tricky Treat

A TRICKY TREAT wins big in NYC!

A Tricky Treat

A Tricky Treat wins four top awards at the Macabre Faire Film Festival in NYC!

Best Film
Best Director
Best Editing

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tomorrow's Power - a feature documentary

From the award winning producers of THE CARBON RUSH, a feature documentary that will travel North America presenting sustainable alternatives to the current fossil fuel economies in the world.

The Carbon Rush - a feature documentary


An Official Selection at Festivals around the world - winning awards, special honours with Opening Night/Closing Night Gala screenings.
WEBSITE     www.thecarbonrush.net


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Serpent's Lullaby

SERPENT'S LULLABY...Traveling the Festival World!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Carbon Rush

THE CARBON RUSH wins Best Feature Film Award!

Awarded at Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara in Barichara, Colombia.  Along with this prestigious honour comes a hand crafted statue by artist Ivan Barichara Darío Quintero and $1,500 USD.

Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara 
 FESTIVAL PRESS - El Espectador

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Carbon Rush - Book

The Carbon Rush/La Ruée Vers le Carbone press.  Read what they are saying about this award winning feature film narrated by Daryl Hannah and Karine Vanasse.

Running Time: 84 minutes & 52 Minutes on One Disc (DVD)
Grades 10 – Adult
Scene Selection • Closed Captioned
English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German Versions

Website: www.thecarbonrush.net
A Film by Amy Miller

"Recommended. A ground breaking documentary about the exchange of carbon credits resulting from Kyoto Protocol. It uncovers the truth behind this exchange on the global environment, as well as its economic impact on several developing countries, revealing global deception about environmental rehabilitation coupled with corruption of local governments."
– Science Books and Films (AAAS)

“One of the finest, most carefully researched and executed political exposés of the year. The Carbon Rush champions the voices of those most impacted by Western economic schemes designed to put band-aids on climate change while destroying communities and lives. It is an incredibly moving, empathetic and measured film that sticks inside you like a thorn that you want to do something about, that you must do something about."
– Ezra Winton, ART THREAT

"A brave and smart documentary which looks deeply into this burgeoning and profitable green scheme. The film has Miller casting her unflinching gaze upon both the supply and demand side of this little-known industry.”
– Dave Markland, RABBLE.CA

“The documentary is filled with shockingly corrupt examples … and sheds light on the state of environmental concern on the corporate level, without being overly alarmist.”

“This one will get you boiling. It shows again how we are shipping our climate change problems out of our sight. Big companies are buying carbon credits, which allow them to keep on emitting as much CO2 as always by supporting projects that reduce emissions in third world countries. Or so they say.”

“The Carbon Rush, exposes the offset projects that are impacting developing countries and their communities so that other nations can continue their industries relatively unchecked..”

Best Feature Film, Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara, Colombia
Award of Merit, The Indie Festival, USA
Best Screenplay,  17th Internacional Festival of Tourism, Environmental, Sports and Film Gastonomic (MEFEST), Vlasina Lake,  Serbia   

OFFICIAL SELECTION (Screened at over 80+ Festivals worldwide)
- International Environmental Film Festival, Paris
- Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, USA
- Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, USA
- Newport Beach Film Festival, USA
- Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada
- Global Visions Film Festival, Canada
- RIDM - Montreal International Documentary Festival, Canada
- Planet In Focus Festival, Canada
- Cinéfest, Canada
- Planete + Doc Film Festival, Poland
- Green Nation Film Festival, Brazil
- Docville, International Documentary Film Festival, Belgium
Human Rights Human Wrongs Festival, Oslo, Norway
Green Screens at The Film Society of Lincoln Center, NYC, NY
Land Exploitation Film Festival, Goteborg, Sweden
Crossroads – Festival for Documentary Film and Discourse, Graz, Austria
The Cape Town Eco Film Festival, Cape Town, South Africa
- 11th Edition Image Sante, International Health Film Festival, Belgium
- 1st International Festival of Environmental Cinema, Arica, Chile
-  Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona, Arizona