Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gaza: Health Under Siege

From the award winning producers of THE CARBON RUSH, Amy Miller and Byron A. Martin, an intricate examination of the life in Gaza.

GAZA: HEALTH UNDER SIEGE is an extraordinary journey of those who live behind the wall.

Filmmaker Amy Miller, Director of Photography Sylvester Guidi and sound recordist Kyle Stanfield received special UN Visas and permission from the Palestinian authorities to enter the hospitals, clinics, waste sites, power plant and water station in order to share with audiences what life is like currently in Gaza.

Filmed in 4K 16 x 9 color, 5.1 / Stereo - Arabic w/English subtitles  (47 min.)


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I really appreciate the initiative of the team of Carbon rush for visiting Gaza to witness all the patients by their own.I think no one from fraternity have visited Gaza before for this purpose.

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