Saturday, December 3, 2011

GUTS - Feature Film

Currently in development on this feature film project.

When a group of twenty-something’s are lured to a remote cottage and then attacked by mysterious killers, the unlikely survivors, nerdy Henry and sweet, innocent Emily realize that the only way to survive is to systematically kill the killers.  

Rob Ballantyne 

Arv Grewal, Byron A. Martin 

David Hackl

My Babysitter's A Vampire - Season 2 (TV Series)

"Evil Car" Episode 203
13 episodes of fun, frolic and fangs!  Principal photography now completed on the Disney/Teletoon television series.

Matthew Knight, Atticus Mitchell, Vanessa Morgan, Cameron Kennedy, Kate Todd

Fresh TV, Tim Burns

Tibor Takacs, Kelly Harms, Laurie Lynd, 
T.W. Peacocke, Farhad Mann 

Byron A. Martin

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Devil's Teardrop


When Washington D.C. is terrorized by a serial killer, the only piece of evidence that FBI Special Agent Margaret Lukas (Natasha Henstridge) has to work with is a ransom note written by the perpetrator. Desperate to solve the case before the killer strikes again, Agent Lukas turns to renowned handwriting analyst Parker Kincaid (Tom Everett Scott). Kincaid is a former FBI agent who quit the force after his young son was attacked by an escaped killer that Kincaid had helped capture. While joining forces with Lukas to track down the murderer, Kincaid is also fighting his ex-wife (Rena Sofer) for what’s most dear to him — the custody of his children. Based on New York Times best-selling author Jeffery Deaver’s (“The Bone Collector”) mystery novel of the same name, the thriller premiered Sunday, August 8, 2010, on the Lifetime Movie Network.

Director: Norma Bailey
Executive Producers: Tom Patricia, Lewis Chesler, David Perlmutter
Producer: Byron A. Martin

Tom Everett Scott
Natasha Henstridge
Rena Sofer

Nominated for CCE Award 2011
Ron Wisman Sr., Best Editing in a TV Movie

Nominated for four 2011 DGC Awards - Broadcaster Magazine
Best Direction - Norma Bailey
Best Production Design - Doug McCullough
Best Editing - Ron Wisman Sr.
Best Television Movie