Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Great Baby Blue - Feature Film Announcement

From the Academy Award winning writer of Gandhi, John Briley, comes a timeless family classic...

Based on a True Story

Baby Blue, a greyhound mothered by a red-eye rooster can outrun every man, animal and truck in Kansas and Marvin Holland – determined to prove Blue is the best – takes his dog and the rooster to Florida to train with Hootch Magee, the best, most ornery dog trainer alive. Hootch’s daughter, Cathy, stops an initial clash between Hootch and the equally stubborn Marvin long enough for Hootch to realize Baby Blue has that rare combination of desire, speed and magic that can win the biggest dog race in America – The Hollywood Classic. A series of come-from-behind victories shows Blue’s ability to run with champions – and reveals that he will only run for his “mother” (the rooster). With every race Hootch, Cathy, Marvin, Baby Blue and the rooster become a stronger team – a team that’s ready to complete the dream and win the Hollywood Classic. But as the Classic nears, seamy characters try to sabotage Blue’s chances. They kidnap the rooster, and presumably ruin his opportunity for victory. The surprise ending is as exciting, funny and touching as any movie since Lassie first made her way onto the screen and into our hearts.

The Hollywood Reporter
December 2, 2010
A co-venture with Westwood Productions Limited and Byron A. Martin Productions Inc.


Jayne said...


That's my boy Blue - see more piccys of him and other greyhounds on my web site at

How do I get to see the film please - my email address is on my web site.

Cheers Jayne

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