Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Carbon Rush - a feature documentary

The Carbon Rush explores the catastrophic impact that global economic carbon markets have on climate change, their consequence and ramifications. 
Will cap and trade, carbon offsets and other market oriented schemes significantly reduce greenhouse gases? Who is in favour, who is against and who is profiting? 
Directly affected communities around the world argue that they are actually causing harm and not resolving the impending climate crisis.

Currently in postproduction in Montreal.
Shot in Honduras, Brazil, India, Panama, the UK, Hungary, Scotland, Italy and Canada.

Writer/Director:  Amy Miller
Producer:          Byron A. Martin
DOP:                Paul Kell
Editor:              Etienne Gagnon
Animation/VFX:  Artifex Animation Studios
Composer:        Benoit Groulx

The Carbon Rush
A co-production between Wide Open Exposure Films and Byron A. Martin Productions Inc.

Canadian distributor Kinosmith announces theatrical pickup of THE CARBON RUSH at HotDocs 2011