Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wild Cherry - Feature Film

Helen (Tania Raymonde) is in love with Stanford (Ryan Merriman). And she has decided to give it all up to him. At least until she learns that her name is written in the high school football team's secret Bang Book and it's Stanford's job to deflower her. The tables are turned and the battle begins when she and her two best friends, (Rumer Willis and Kristin Cavallari) form a pact to maintain their virginity, embarrass the team and foil the plot against them.

Tania Raymonde....Helen McNicol
Rumer Willis..........Katlyn Chase
Kristin Cavallari.....Trish Van Doren
Ryan Merriman......Stanford Prescott
Jesse Moss............Brad Skeetowski
John White............Franklin Peters
Rob Schneider.......Nathan McNicol
Tia Carrere............Ms. Humea
Elle Schneider.......Sabrina
Jennifer Donison....Amy

Producers: Gavin Wilding, Kyle Bornais, Byron A. Martin

Sunday, April 5, 2009

November Gale - Feature Film

November Gale
recounts the legendary true story of the Edmund Fitzgerald which sank on Lake Superior in 1975, resulting in the tragic deaths of the entire crew. This maritime disaster tells the dramatic tale of the crew's bravery, their relationships with their loved ones and it's significant impact on a country.

It was great shock to many, that despite the extensive safety features and experienced crew, the Fitzgerald sank. The frenzy on the part of the media about the victim's, the legends about the mysterious sinking, the resulting changes to maritime law and the discovery of the wreck have contributed to the interest in and fame of the Fitzgerald that continues to this day.

Director - Ted Kotcheff
Writer - Gerald Wexler
Producers - Gerry Arbeid, Ratch Wallace, Gary Howsam